Technical Assistance

If you are having a problem with your gas fire please read the following tips before contacting us:

  1. If the ignition has stopped working – has the battery been checked (slide control models only).
  2. If the ignition has stopped working – check that a small amount of soot hasn’t fallen onto the pilot electrode. Remove coals/pebbles/logs and clean – See instructions for details.
  3. If the fire turns itself off after 5-15 minutes. Check that the pilot aeration hole has not blocked with lint. Always keep the area at the base of the fire clear of lint and dust.
  4. See the instructions on how to clean this aeration hole. Note that lint ingestion is not covered under warranty.
    The pilot will light but just goes out when I release the slide lever (slide control models only). Ensure that the lever is firmly bottomed prior to release. Ensure that the bottom right trim retaining magnet has not interfered with the slide mechanism.
  5. If there is excessive soot on the coals/pebbles/logs clean the burner tray area reset the fuel-bed – follow the instructions to perform this operation.
  6. Do not leave a glass fronted appliance running for extended periods with flame impingement on the glass. This will discolour the glass and can be difficult to clean off. Replacement glass is available to order at the SPARES SHOP.

You can contact our technical team by either: