Internet Sales Policy

We firmly believe that the purchase of a gas heating appliance requires the professional advice of an experienced adviser. For this reason we do not allow our products to be sold  on the internet.

At Wildfire, we believe that you need to benefit from the most up to date and correct information currently available to help you make the right decision when purchasing your next gas fire. For this reason we only sell our products through high quality, knowledgeable retailers.

We do not believe that the internet selling of our products will provide the best platform to benefit you during the complete fireplace installation process. Your local Wildfire dealer will be able to provide help with the installation of your appliance, the regular servicing of the fire and offer on site surveys to ensure that the product is right for you and your home.

“We know you need to see our appliances, in all their glory. Our dealers can demonstrate the products’ operating features and you can observe the flames and feel the heat. You will never gain this experience when purchasing a product on the internet.”

There are many different appliances available and many different types of installation. Failure to purchase the correct product can easily lead to dissatisfaction for many reasons, from performance to the inability to install your product due to incompatibility with your fireplace or flue. A Wildfire retailer can advise you on the type of appliance you will need for your home, and help you choose the right options for your appliance. Our dealers will advise on control types, trim and fret styles to best suit your décor. Choose the best control option or fuel type for your appliance. The Wildfire range includes spacer options for flues which may not have sufficient depth or Ezi-grip handles for those customers with less nimble fingers.

Wildfire only supply products through experienced gas fireplace showrooms, so be assured that when you see our logo, you are talking to the professionals. If you require any additional information or cannot find exactly what you are looking for then feel free to contact us.

It is important to us that you make a well informed decision on your Wildfire appliance and we know our dealers will be there every step of the way.