The Brand New Thermes BF Slide Control Fire

The Thermes Balanced Flue Gas Fire is now available in slide control.

The already successful Thermes BF gas fire from Wildfire can now be purchased with a top control or the Ezi-Grip lever for those with less nimble fingers. For properties where no flue exists then the Thermes is the answer, fitted on an outside wall this beautiful gas fire is available with an abundance of trim and fret options – download the brochure to see more. No mains power is required to operate this appliance so it’s OK in power cuts, the unit operates silently (unlike its’ power-flue predecessors) and it is 86% net efficient.

The slide control takes the strain out of operating the gas fire – simply slide the lever downwards to ignite, then slide up to control flame picture and heat output. A gentle lift upwards will turn the gas fire off when you’re done.

The Thermes is a powerful room sealed gas fire which uses no air from the room to operate, it takes combustion air from outside, and expels the products of combustion out through the same flue pipe. Contact us for your nearest dealer who can help you with all the information you need to install this fantastic new product into your home.



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